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Rod Grille

Getting tired of the rough and bulky conventional grille yet? 
With our new product -- the Rod Grille -- you no longer have to worry about having your scenic view being destroyed. 
Our rod grille consists of aluminium frames and stainless steel wire with a diameter of 6mm. It is ot only light, strong and durable, but also provides a brighter and specious environment for your house. 

There are also a few unique functions with our rod grille:

  • It can be removed easily when you no longer have to worry about your children falling out the window. This helps to save up the amount out time and money needed to remove conventional grille.

  • The ease to remove and re-installed creates a lot of flexibility, such as for cleaning.

  • The convenience also provide safety measures during emergency situation like fire incidents. While waiting for fire rescue, it is common for people to panic. As a result, we often could not find the key to open the grille for conventional grille. However, with our rod grille, we can remove it immediately without the need to search for the key in the fire to receive fast rescue.



Rod grille is a new model which is light and user-friendly.

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