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Mosquito Screen

Hygiene and cleanliness in the house environment starts from yourself. Prevention of dengue should not rely on pesticide as it only eradicates the mosquitoes for a short period of time. Furthermore, pesticide is not only harmful to your body, it might also encourage a stronger batch of mosquitoes to grow. 

Most importantly, mosquito screen helps to avoid the contact between you and the mosquitoes.

Therefore, the installation of mosquito screen is the new trend in the new generation.


Mosquito screen have many advantages:

  • Reduce air-conditioner usage 
    This not only lowers the carbon footprint, it also helps to save your wallet from the expensive electricity fee.

  • Encourages you to open windows 
    Provides good ventilation and improves rhinitis.

  • Prevent the entering of lizards, cockroaches, insects and pest. 
    Keeps the house fresh and clean


Mosquito screen can be installed at the entrance, kitchen, bedrooms, toilets, full-height glass windows etc. In fact, it can be installed anywhere you can think of. 
Mosquito screen is also suitable to install at home, schools, childcare, old-folks home and hospitals.

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